DJH Youth Hostel Lutherstadt Wittenberg


Castle youth hostel - modern ambience in historic walls

Welcome to the youth hostel Wittenberg.

Where can you stay even right next to Martin Luther's Theses? Here - in our 2007 newly opened youth hostel. You stay in the historic town centre, in the former rooms of the electoral residence of Frederick the Wise.

For confirmation leisure time, groups and a memorable class trip, our house is ideally suited. But even families and single travelers, we cordially welcome to our hostel in the town of Luther. Our historical "Luther Keller" makes our hostel unique and modern facilities are available for your conference or event.

Wittenberg became the starting point of the Reformation and was admitted to international fame with his Luther memorials in the list of UNESCO world cultural heritage sites. Also the beautiful gardens of the Dübener Heath, the Elbauen landscape and the proximity to cities such as Dessau-Roßlau, Berlin and Leipzig invite you to linger.

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Youth Hostel Wittenberg
Regional Leadership: Florian Mädicke
Hostelassistent: Thomas Engel
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